Carpet, Upholstery, & Oriental Rug Cleaning

There are many benefits to ensuring that your carpets, upholstery, and rugs are kept clean and in good condition. The aesthetic aspect is important to ensure that they look as good as possible. A badly maintained furniture or floor covering can ruin the look of the whole room, no matter how nice the rest of the decor is. A well kept, clean floor covering and furniture can have the opposite effects, and can really make a difference to the room, even if the rest of the decor leaves something to be desired.

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Our Steam Cleaning Process

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Let Us Make Your Home A Healthier One

To ensure your carpet is cleaned to the highest and safest standards, we include the following steps in the cleaning process. All cleaning solutions applied to your carpeting are safe for your children and pets and EPA approved.

-We perform an analysis and diagnose the current condition of your carpet, upholstery, or rug.
-We'll move and tab furniture that is safe for our two man crew to maneuver
-We pre-treat all spots and stains if needed
-We apply a mild deodorizer and carpet brightener
-We thoroughly perform the steam extraction with our powerful truck-mounted unit
-We perform a final walk-through to ensure it is cleaned to your satisfaction
-The extraction method with the Butler System allows your fabric or carpet to dry quickly, but may vary depending on the humidity levels and ventilation in your home.

According to the American Lung Association "Carpet can act as a "sink" for chemical and biological pollutants. Furthermore, dust, dust mites and other allergens can contribute to respiratory problems or other irritations in the home.

With Master Kleen's Truck Mounted Butler System steam extraction method, cleaning agents are applied to the fibers then immediately suctioned out with a powerful unit taking those harmful particles with it.

This deep cleaning process gives you the confidence and peace of mind for the health of everyone in your home!

Why Should You Choose Master Kleen For Your Steam Cleaning Needs?

Simply put, hot water (steam) extraction is the best method for removing surface stains as well as ground in dirt and deep stains.

It also:
-Leaves less residue on the fibers

-Eliminates the presence of dust, pet dander and bacteria found in your fabrics with EPA approved cleaning solutions that are safe for all your inhabitants

-Helps maintain the longevity and overall appearance of your carpet and upholstery.